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Success Stories

Story 6 - A story of a self-confident youth

Md. Rafiqul Islam was born in a poor family. The name of his village is Chak Kagoil, U.P. Sonar Rai, Upazila-Gabtali, under the district of Bogra. Because of financial problem, he studied up to Class 8. He led his life with hardship with his wife and two little children. So, he was very anxious to find out the way of handsome income to maintain his family.

Story 5 - A loan that gave Parvin Begum dignity

A fair lady is selling many other educational materials along with Tiffin among the female students at a small shop at the very south-east corner of the renowned Gobindapur High School at the village Gobindapur. She is very popular to her young customers. They call her "Parvin Apa" with great respect.

Story 4 - Micro credit has changed the life of Maniq Chandra

Manik Chandra poor, village of Aditmari upazilla of Lalmonirhat District. his family consists of his parents, younger sister, wife, a son and a daughter. He used to pass his days through farming and herd day labour. But the problem raised when he settled the marriage of his younger sister. He had to self two bighas of land out of four, which he got by inheritance, Later he had to pledge another bigha to provide the expenditure of the marriage. Losing the main source of income, the cultivable land, Manik Chandra became hopeless. All the time the thought "How will he maintain the large family? How will he make his pledged land free/ where will he get the money?"

Story 3 - Firoza Begum - An inspirational community leader

Many poor women have changed their socio-economic condition through co-operative societies. Mrs. Firoza Begum is such a woman. She lives at Sultanpur Mondol Para village of Naogaon sadar upazila.

Story 2 - Khaleda Begum a Women's Co-operative Success

Khaleda Begum is the only daughter of her day labour, asset less parents. She was grown up at the lovely shadow of her parents' shed-house that was made of mud and Chan.



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